• We are a family owned and operated dental practice. Our patients are treated like family, and our goal is that every visit is a step towards better oral health foryou
  • We arepatient focused, not $$$ focused
  • We promote preventative and conservative dentistry
  • We are not controlled by major health funds. Instead, we are completely independent practice. Hence we do not rush our treatment to meet targets set by health funds.
  • We only recomended treatments that you need, not procedures we would like you to have.

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  • We are team of cosmetic dentist who are conservative and we will not upsell your treatment and try to get on your “emotional” side to increase what dental marketing describes as  “case acceptance”.
  • Although we could, we are not going to promote treatments that are going to reshape and weaken your teeth so that we can save time instead of spending quality time focusing on what your dental needs are. We believed all good things with strong foundations take time, and we will provide you with all the possible treatment options.
  • We are not going to show before and after photos on our website or have instagram as marketing tools because we respect your privacy and it is up to you, not us, to show your friends and family your beautiful smile on your social media.

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