Here at Dental @ Marsden we are a new and modern family owned  and run practice based in the growing Elara Estate at Marsden Park in North West Sydney. Being a family run practice, we like to treat each and every one of our customers as one of our own and will always have their best interests as our priority. We like to get to know our patients so that we are able to tailor to their needs upon request and create treatment plans specifically designed for them.

At Dental @ Marsden we value our patient confidentiality and uphold strict privacy. We will never ask to take before and after photos of your teeth to be used in promotional advertising on social media or around the clinic. We are very conservative and will only ever recommend treatments that are best for you and your oral health and will never recommend treatments that we think you should have or that are unnecessary. Smiles are our passion, so pride is taken with all our work to ensure that all our customers leave with satisfaction and a glowing smile they can be proud of.

Our new patient appointments are 60 minute appointments which allows our dentist to get to know you, answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as take all the necessary photographs and x-rays of your teeth and do a thorough check up and clean. Check up and cleans are gap free for children under the age of 18 and for health funds that cover more than $250 of the total cost. If you do not have a health fund, check up and cleans are $250 for new adult patients and $150 for children. After your initial appointment, adult cleans are valued at $195 every six months. If you would like to know before your appointment how much of your appointment will be covered by your health fund, feel free to talk to one of our friendly staff members who will be able to swipe your card and provide you with a free quote. Here at Dental @ Marsden we also offer other services such as fillings, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and teeth whitening. We offer emergency dental services such as root canal and extractions.

We understand that sometimes life can get busy or an emergency may occur outside of office hours. Dental @ Marsden offers a 24/7 online booking system to ensure you can secure an appointment without having to wait for the practice to open in order to make your appointment. Once your appointment has been confirmed there will be no double booking, meaning you are guaranteed the time and the date that you requested when making the booking. We recommend having a dental check up and clean every six months to stay on top of your oral health.

Dental @ Marsden is proud to have Dr Michael Soleiman, a general dentist with almost ten years experience in the dental profession. Dr Soleiman understands that no two cases are ever the same and enjoys getting to know his patients in order to understand their needs and tailor treatments in order to help them reach their dental goals. Dr Soleiman has an understanding of a range of dental fields which include but are not limited to:

– implantology

– orthodontics

– cosmetic dentistry

If you would like to book an appointment, call our friendly receptionists on (02) 9627 1887 or book your appointment online at